Google algorithm: the update that defends copyright violation

Google will penalize all the sites that receive more reports of violations.

The fight against piracy moves. Google is transformed into a giant capable of isolating the bad internet sites that share content violating the copyright. Mister G announced the update search algorithm which specifies the operation and reliability for sites that receive notices of copyright infringement. Those sites will get a lower ranking. And consequently their ranking on search results will be much lower.The announcement, published on Friday on the blog of the Google, could apply a resounding passage in time:

“Every day we receive and verify multiple removal requests than we received in all of 2009. Only in the last 30 days have been more than 4.3 million URLs reported as seen in Google’s statement. Only those who own the rights of the content won’t be penalized and only the courts can decide whether there was a violation. Google can not determine whether a given page has been copyright violated or not. It will remove any page from our search results until it receives a valid notice from the copyright owner. “

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