Going Digital and Modern with Mobile Wedding Invitations

Nearly everything, these days, has software counterparts or operates through digital applications and weddings are no exception. If you look at mobile app stores, you can find wedding apps or mobile wedding invitations, which offer a more cost-efficient and timely way of sending announcements and invitations to guests.

With the growing popularity of the Internet, more couples have made use of emails and social media to reach guests. Today, wedding invitations and announcements can totally become paperless through customized mobile wedding apps. This eliminates the need to spend for printing and postage.

Newlywed couple taking self-portrait at wedding reception

Wedding apps are fun and engaging, too. Guests can interact with the couple and with each other. They can conveniently confirm their attendance, request for carpool or detailed driving guide, send electronic money as wedding gift, write and send greetings, and even share photos and videos.

The apps also feature brief bios of key people attending the wedding, including the couple and their sponsors. For those who want to keep message exchanges private, they can send private messages in addition to public messages.

The bride and groom can also put up a blog regarding the wedding – before, during and after – to keep guests informed and to create a lasting personal souvenir of her big day. In addition, guests can interact with the couple through comments and blog contributions.

With the wedding apps, couples can put up their wedding registry online accessible by guests and loved ones. The digital checklist with matching photo and short description guides guests to buy according to what the couples need and to avoid duplications.


Digital guest RSVP feature enables couples to track the attendees and their special menu requests for those with allergies and food preferences. The list updates automatically with instant notifications, no more need to send emails, make phone calls or send snail mails.

Wedding apps are customizable to fit the motif and theme of the wedding. Couples may select from template designs or personalize the look and theme of the app interface. Digital wedding invitations and mobile wedding apps are definitely the new-age way of announcing and inviting guests to your big day.

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