Flying drones to shoot lions signed on National Geographic

Whereas before the operating range was confined to military operations and surveillance by the security agencies, today these robots manageable distance are also used for television and documentaries often of great charm.

Spectacular shots

Their contribution is a boon for journalists operating in the naturalistic field where they grant new possibilities of great value and professional quality. National Geographic has used these devices for a documentary about lions, with the aim to enter their world, invading their privacy without disturbing the natural to have a more faithful to their way of life idea.

Flying Drone Camera

Flying Drone Camera

Soft approach

We know that cats do not like too much of the human presence that disturbs their own pace and may be dangerous for operators of recovery. Hence the interest in new options that allow you to capture images closer without hitting the susceptibility of the beasts. Obviously the impact of drones is not exactly zero but it doesn’t seem very invasive to the tranquil lions so that we can shoot them in the fluidity of their daily lives. Also good opportunity arise for shooting at night with windows that do not irritate the King of the Forest as immortalized in a wide range of situations, to offer new aspects of his life, fueling the knowledge of journalists, researchers and the public television that the documentaries made ​​in this way deliver enjoyable moments of depth.