Fitbit Force is now official

This is the Force device made ​​of waterproof rubber that communicates via Bluetooth 4.0 with your smartphone and your computer through the dongle provided in the package.

Outdoors without fear of water

Among the features of the bracelet is its ability to monitor thanks to the OLED display, the user steps taken, distance traveled, minutes of physical activity but also the quality and hours of sleep, steps climbed and calories burned. In this model there is also a clock and soon there will be the possibility of the call notification for smart phones starting from Apple 4S with iOS 7 installed.

Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force

The silent alarm

As often happens in this type of devices, there’s a silent alarm in the morning that will wake you up from sleep. Also in this case the social applications help you stay in shape thanks to the different badges that you can win based on the results achieved plus the ability to challenge friends and never lose the motivation to make healthy physical activity.

Fitbit Force official

Fitbit Force official

Bluetooth 4.0 for smartphones and computer

As said, the synchronization is done via Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices which includes the iPhone 4S and then some Android. The battery lasts for 7 to 10 days and can be recharged via USB via computer or power adapter. Force is available in colors black and oil and in sizes Small and Large at a cost of $ 130.

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