Fitbit Force first sighting | New bracelet watch with altimeter

Fitbit is preparing to launch the Force, a new bracelet with tracking functions for fitness and leisure similar to the most famous of Nike Fuelband. The Force is a mix of design and functionality of two other weird products of Fitbit. The appearance, the philosophy and methods of use are the same as Flex which however adds a sensor capable of measuring the altitude changes already. One tracker is used for the clip with which you can measure the number of steps climbed over 24 hours and more accurately track your calorie consumption in the various activities such as running or walking uphill.

Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force

The other important change is the addition of a mini display and a single button navigation that replace the ultra minimalist GUI of the Flex which showed only 5 LEDs. The screen will also be able to show the time, a secondary function also available on Fuelband but just scrolling through the matrix LED menu screen. Other details appearing on the network speak of a semi impermeable in two colors, black and blue and a hypothetical price of $ 130, $ 30 more than the Flex base.

The information and photos that appeared on the network at this time have not yet been confirmed by Fitbit which has never published any official data and by the time keeps tight lipped regarding an official launch which will happen in the next few weeks.

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