Filip | A smartwatch with locator for children

One of the major concerns of parents is to lose sight of their child and not find it. Needless to say, such a prospect is a real nightmare that one does not wish even for their worst of enemies. The technology wants to come to the rescue, even with all the unknowns of the case given the unpredictable behavior of children. These concerns are what Filip might as well get rid of as the smart watch which we are talking about today is able, under normal conditions, to give extra help in the unfortunate assumption that the worst case scenario takes shape. The device, available exclusively from AT & T, can store up to five phone numbers that your child may call at the touch of a button.

Filip smart watch for childrenFilip smart watch for children

Filip smart watch for children

At the same time, Filip connects through iOS or Android to give parents the opportunity to make territorial monitoring, to control the position of the child with the help of GPS. The prior definition of certain parameters also allows you to pinpoint a particular scenario that serves as a safety zone, which the father and mother are immediately notified of digression out of the fixed perimeter, leaving them calm or relatively calm when no alert comes from it.

At the moment we do not know the price, but whether it will be accessible it is likely that the buyers will not miss the chance to get it. Especially if the device will overcome adequately the first test of the market, which will be the one to decide its fate in trade.

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