Facebook’s New Reactions and Google’s New Robot

If you’re active in social media, you should know that a lot of people have been unhappy with Facebook’s newest update. What is it?

Facebook recently launched their new “reactions”. Aside from being able to “like” something on Facebook, you can now click on “love,” “angry,” “sad” and “haha” among others. This new update from the social media has earned various reactions from people.

Some are loving the new “reactions” because now they can do more than just “like” a post or picture on Facebook. They can send a clearer message about a post. They can click on “Love” to be more specific about how they feel about a certain caption, quote or image. These reactions will be available when you hover your mouse on the “Like” button.


Engineers, product teams and researchers conducted research for over a year. They have also consulted sociologists to help them assess which emotions would be perfect for the new app.

Google and its more-than-human robot

We used to think that robots can’t do everything properly. But the invention of Atlas, the humanoid robot will change all that. How?

This humanoid will open doors for you, pick itself up, walk through the snow and put objects on a shelf. As if the first humanoid is not yet amazing enough, Google has given its famous creation a mind-blowing update.


The new version of this robot is much smaller and more nimble. The upgraded version is shorter and lighter. Aside from that, it has sensors that are embedded on its body. It also has lasers to keep it away from obstacles. Plus, it’s complete mobile, which means that it doesn’t need to be tethered to any computer.

However, Atlas was not originally intended for such purpose. Initially, it was made to perform disaster recovery to save human lives.

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