Do Personalized Emails Work Better than Big Budget Ads and SEO?

If your business is losing customers, even those supposedly loyal ones, to competition because you are not that aggressive online, then perhaps it is time to change tactics. Nevertheless, the digital world of business marketing is so dynamic and unpredictable that you might end up losing a lot of money in the process of spreading your efforts too thinly. Thankfully, digital marketing specialists say the answer is quite simple: email.

Yes, you do not have to pay hefty sums to SEO companies and other online advertising campaigns, at least not yet. Simply, focus on your frequent buyers or loyal customers by re-connecting with them via email. The good about this strategy is that it is straightforward, simple and inexpensive.


Archive Customer Data

Go through your customer information list and archive relevant customer details. Afterwards, create a general email marketing template on the premise that you both are like a long-time friends who have a lot to catch up on, with your invitation for them to come over and meet you again sometime.

Send Personalized Emails

To make it more personalized, greet them by name and add a bit of data regarding their last transaction with you. Also, try to generate feedback from them as to why it took a while for them to come back, and what you can do for them in the future for a more satisfactory experience.

In a report, data management firm, Formstack, said that business using effective personalized marketing are experiencing around 19% sales boost. Personalized emails have 25% higher open rate and 51% higher click rate than non-personalized ones.

Give Special Promos

To encourage more sales, it helps to offer customers with discounts and freebies. For example, if you are running a resort accommodation, offer customers with a discount, free upgrade, or free meal for early bookings and longer stays.


Stay in Touch

Stay in touch with your customers. If you are in a hotel business, send them a welcome email and an invitation to your restaurant or café. A few days to a day prior to arrival date, you may also send them a notification email saying their room is ready. At checkout, request them to give feedback, and perhaps offer loyalty privileges to frequent customers.

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