Cool Inventions for the Home That Are Perfect for the Green Geek

As a techie in today’s world, you know that the principle most inventors work with is to create technology that is not only supposed to make lives easier and better, but it should also have as harmless an impact as possible on Mother Nature. Green technology is a necessity at a time when the planet is suffering so much already from pollution, waste, abuse, and modernization. Even the most hardcore techies are concerned about the impact they could have on the Earth with every new gadget they invent or buy. Here are some cool green inventions they’ve come up with.


Grove Ecosystems

It’s an aquarium at the bottom and a mini garden on top, and it makes for a pretty awesome focal point in your living room. It uses aquaponics and a system where the waste products of the fish that are rich in ammonia are converted into nitrate using microbes, providing the plants with organic nutrients and the fish with clean water.

The Nebia Shower

This fixture has an array of nozzles that produce superior water pressure and temperature, and you’ll be completely engulfed in the water. The makers of this bathroom fixture claim it uses 70% less water than a typical showerhead without impacting the shower experience.


Speaker and Planter in One

The speakers are made of eco-plastic, are lightweight, and easy to assemble. They produce good audio quality, and the best part is they have plants on top. This will definitely be a functional and interesting tabletop décor piece.

The Neurio Sensor

This device is installed in your electrical panel and it will send energy-consumption information straight to your computer or smartphone. You’ll know which devices and appliances you should control better or put on standby and how much your power bill is even before you get the actual bill. This invention can help you save up to 40% on electricity use.

If you’re a green geek yourself, you could also be looking for more ways to use technology to help improve the planet’s condition. And as the old saying goes, good habits begin at home. So continue to find cool inventions that create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

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