Comparison between Android and Smartphones

Whether you’ve lost your phone or you’re looking for a replacement phone, you will eventually have to make the choice between getting a smartphone or an Android. The fact is that the two are different from one another and in the following paragraphs the comparison between them will make it clearer for you.

Android vs Smartphones

Android vs Smartphones

Main Difference

First of all an Android is a Linux based free open source operating system for tablets and smartphones and it was developed and designed by Android Incorporated. The company was later acquired by Google in 2005. On the other hand a smartphone is a mobile device that is similar to a mini-computer and it comes with a plethora of features which allow for advanced connectivity and computing capabilities. Nowadays though the words ‘smartphone’ and ‘Android’ have become synonymous when buying a new phone. As a result many people associate the word ‘Android’ with just another name for a smartphone which is wrong. It’s true that these two words are indeed related but they are quite different from one another. Smartphones are any types of phone which offer advanced computing capabilities while the Android is an OS which powers Google and other smartphones. The Android operating system is very popular and it’s used for powering several very important smartphones like the HTC series, the Sony Xperia series and the Samsung Galaxy series as well.

The Android OS is open source software

One of the massive advantages of the Android is the fact that it’s open source which means that anyone can use, modify and resell it. Because of that many users who have grown to love this operating system have changed its code in order to eventually create the best OS. On top of that, the Android is also supported by a very large community of developers who are always writing codes and applications for the system.

Android vs Smartphones

Android vs Smartphones

Number of apps

While it may not be in line with Apple’s AppStore, Android’s Google Play does have hundreds of thousands of applications available to download. This is also the marketplace where you can sell your apps if you’ve created some you think the Android community will love. However you need to bring some real functionality because many of the apps on Google Play are free so people will only pay for something that’s really useful. Another reason why the Android has become and is becoming increasingly popular is because of the frequent and constant updates which are available from Google. While minor updates are released every few months, major updates are scheduled every six to nine months which is great compared to the competition. For example, the latest update was the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which is the seventeenth update since the OS was launched.

What is a Smartphone?

As previously stated, smartphones are mobile phones which operate on an OS which are similar to a mini-computer. Because of that, smartphones are also called mini computers and they offer a plethora of features such as the GPS navigation units, calling capabilities, media players, cameras, online surfing, video conferencing, computing capabilities and so on. Any cell phone that allows you to do the work of your PC for instance is considered as a smartphone. In terms of an operating system, smartphones are powered by Windows Mobile, iOS, Android and so forth. The first time the term was ever used was in 1997 when Ericson came up with it for describing its GS88 Penelope concept which was considered a smartphone. The truth is that there are practically no clear distinctions which decide which phones from Morpeth Mobiles can be considered smartphones and which phones cannot. Nevertheless with the increasing offerings and technologies used in phones from Morpeth Mobiles, the category has developed to contain all the features that are currently available on the market.

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