Comparing the content of Netflix vs LOVEFILM

Despite numerous online streaming websites currently infiltrating the internet and vying for subscribers, Netflix and LOVEFiLM stand out as the big players and when film and TV enthusiasts are looking for the best service, these two sites will usually be the first point of call.

Netflix vs LOVEFILM

Netflix vs LOVEFILM

And rightly so. Although there are other popular websites that boast of more recent releases than Netflix and LOVEFiLM and attempt to appeal to the contract shy with benefits of a pay-as-you-go service the range of films and television programmes offered by Netflix and LOVEFiLM remains difficult to compete with and their low prices are currently unrivalled.

American company Netflix are the global giants with a huge following of subscribers accumulated worldwide mainly due to their popular American shows and the availability of superior HD quality. In the United States Netflix offers a DVD rental and streaming service however, Netflix UK restricts users to the streaming service only.

British rivals LOVEFiLM currently have the benefit of being able to offer the UK market a DVD and Blu-ray rental service in addition to streaming but their extensive catalogue of titles also gives them the upper hand; where Netflix have 1000 plus films LOVEFiLM’s attractive collection of over 6000 films, which are also generally more recent than Netflix, has ensured the website’s success.
And as LOVEFiLM are offering their streaming service at £4.99 compared with £5.99 from Netflix it is no surprise that it is a firm favourite with regular streamers.

Although subscribers are unlikely to be disappointed with either of the two websites, in the battle of LOVEFiLM vs Netflix it is clear that the content of LOVEFiLM is the more advanced and movie buffs will certainly appreciate the range and diversity of titles available. The website is more user-friendly than that of Netflix and the subscription costs certainly offer value for money.”