Choremonster: game suitable for families with children (for iOS and Windows 8)

It was launched last January and it has already been translated into an Italian/French/German Choremonster interface, a project to make it easier to get help from the children in the household. The idea behind this game (now arrived at version 2.0) is to enable parents to list a series of “tasks” domestic (make the bed, brush your teeth, do homework tidy the room etc..). Carrying out chores and with due approval of this application software parents, children can accumulate points each time – which will then be exchanged for gifts (a pocket money, an hour of play on X-box, a ticket to the cinema, a trip etc).


To make it more fun the application of the characters appear in the form of monsters (more than 250) and with every duty is completed wins a ticket, if you are lucky, it can turn into a monster.