Riding the waves with Windfinder

Are you sailor or play sports that are closely related to the sea and the wind? Then Windfinder is right for you! It is a weather application that shows you every weather detail that really matters for you. The fact is that wind and sea conditions are key factors for many people: sailors, lovers of water sports, aviation...

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Radeon R9 295X2 – 4K Graphics with two GPU liquid cooled

Jun 25, 14 Radeon R9 295X2 – 4K Graphics with two GPU liquid cooled

Posted by in Gaming, Software Release

Aimed at gamers who are looking for record-breaking performance and uncompromising solutions with Eyefinity and Ultra HD. Developed under the code name Project Hydra, the R9 295X2 Radeon graphics card is the new top of the range proposal by AMD in the segment of non-professional 3D products. At the time this model with dual GPU on a...

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WeChat | Cousin ​​of WhatsApp will try again with Messi dribbling

But this time it could be different. We have witnessed the rise of large WeChat in this last period so much that we wanted to try it. There are over 70 million registered users in this community that is growing every day in an attempt to undermine the well established fact that WhatsApp is the best known exponent of the...

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Skype video messages | Unlimited and free

So many of you have been familiar with Skype for years and maybe used it on a regular basis. Likewise, you will know that when it is impossible to make a video call, but you wanted to share an important moment with friends, family or colleagues, it was not possible. Videomessages from 3 minutes Starting today there is a solution....

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Apple announces iOS 7 | A revolution of the mobile platform

The Cupertino company has announced the arrival of the new iOS 7, the next version of the operating system for mobile devices, during the course of its Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 in San Francisco. All new is the slogan with which Apple plated its latest creation, looking at functionality. New design The design of course is...

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Google Glass officially released the kernel software

The attention paid to the novelty of the year, Google Glass, remains consistently high for obvious reasons and in the meantime the company of Mountain View continues to promote the success of its product, enhancing the tools available for early adopters and developers of these devices. Robert Scoble, well known blogger and...

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