Samsung Makes Public Its New Virtual Reality Headset

Even with touchscreens, smartphones and self-driving cars, many would agree that virtual reality does still seem like a futuristic technology that’s far out of reach for the most of us. But perhaps, this notion will officially start crumbling once Samsung finally releases its Gear VR Innovator Edition. What’s the Gear...

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The video game master

Dec 27, 13 The video game master

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Michael Thomasson from New York won the record for the largest collection of video games in the world, owning 10,607 pieces! His name will be featured in the Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition. The collection, which takes up the entire basement of his home in Buffalo, comprising of old video games until games for the...

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The end for the music service Winamp

The famous company closes after 16 years of presence on the internet music service. Winamp, as announced by the owner AOL, is over. The website of Winamp will no longer be accessible to users by December 20 and the simple statement thanked the online community for its support. The media player of Winamp first opened in 1997 and the...

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The rules of electronic devices on board

Nov 13, 13 The rules of electronic devices on board

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It is time that gadget lovers will be able to read their e-book, play their favorite games and watch videos and movies, inflight! Already the company JetBlue has allowed the use of portable devices in the aircraft. At the same time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that the U.S. has found that airlines are able to...

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HP new laptop series designed to make it through the most extreme conditions

HP announces 8 new series for work: the 800 series with three new EliteBook and ProBook series icluding hybrids, tablets, desktops and laptops. HP announced the arrival in Europe of eight new laptop designed for professional use which are going to fit in the family of EliteBook series 800 and as well as the ProBook 400 and 600...

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PlayStation 4 revealed in E3 in Los Angeles

Not only does the Apple have an event planned for this evening  in San Francisco but a little farther on in Los Angeles opens tomorrow E3, the huge American event dedicated to the world of video games. As often happens before the official opening of the work several large companies make their presentations, usually the day...

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