Black AirPods, launch in spring together with AirPower

Apple is working on a black version of the AirPods that will arrive in the spring, along with the mythological AirPower charging mat. The price will remain unchanged.

During the first half of the year, Apple has many little things in the lineup to tickle the heart and the wallet of its users. And many of them are about the wireless earphones of the apple and everything that revolves around it.

Cupertino plans to launch a Black version of AirPods that will arrive in the spring, and that is therefore already in the mass production phase. Unlike other products with the black livery, it will maintain the exact same price as the white version.

At the hardware level there will be almost no difference with the other AirPods, but it seems that the surface of the charging case will be protected with a particular opaque cover that will improve the grip.

AirPods 2 & AirPower

According to rumors, however, it would seem to understand that this novelty will be disconnected from AirPods 2 and AirPower that will arrive later, but always within the summer. The new AirPods will obviously support wireless charging and will have support for a new and more efficient Bluetooth protocol.

They should be presented together with the 7th generation iPod Touch, but on this point there is confusion; someone talks about a spring launch, others in the first half of the year, others in the fall. In practice, we know all the products and all the expected innovations; the only doubt concerns the order with which they will invade the market.

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