Between the admiration and the terror of the Google Glass

The title of this post will not be an exaggeration when one knows that these smart glasses are not yet available in the market (surely they will arrive in 2014) and they are illegal in not only many cafés and bars but entire countries. Why?

Ther are no few voices claiming that Google Glass (GG) are another losing battle of the right of intimity and privacy of people since you can take a photo or record a video with just a blink of your eye and upload it to the net in seconds due to its WiFi and Bluetooth connection. Some decades ago it was suspicious to see somebody with dark sunglasses cause you could nit know where he or she was looking at, but now the danger is that you can’t know if you are being recorded or not (sometimes users can forget they are wearing them when entering into a public bathroom). To counter this, people as Mark Zuckerberg say that privacy is no longer a value as it used to be, and others affirm that the new rules of social etiquette will get adapted to this futuristic device, anfd what better than a video camera to solve a crime without witnesses.

Google Glass

Google Glass

A healthy alternative to this polemic glasses are the italian GlassUp, designed to compete in what Google fails, like the price (399€, the half than GG), placing the interface in the center of the glasses (to not interfere in the user’s view and to avoid a problem in the eye if you have it at one side) and, finally, they will not have a camera, so they will respect the intimity and they power the life of the battery to do the things the glasses are designed to.

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