Best Pocket-Sized Gadgets to Have When Travelling

Are you planning your next getaway? Whether you want to do it by jet-setting, taking a road trip or walking, your journey will be made more convenient and enjoyable with the help of some pocket-sized gadgets.

Portable External Battery Charger

This power bank can provide you with enough emergency back-up power to charge your smartphone and other compatible devices. It can even come with a nice and slim design, with a built-in torch.

Wi-Fi SD Card

Time is precious when you are travelling, and the last thing you would want to do is transferring your recently taken pictures from one device to another the traditional way, which can take time. Now, you could spend longer hours on the beach or enjoy more of a place with a Wi-Fi SD card, which can send photos from your camera to other devices as you take them.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker can act as an extra woofer that amplifies sound, which is perfect when you just cannot do without your favorite music collection. With its portable design, it is definitely an ideal travel companion.

Fitness Watch

With great functionalities, such as heart rate monitoring and timing, as well as GPS, this fitness tracker is really useful if you love to get out and about. When you are running, it lets you track your every step, sprint and stroll, as well as the total time and distance you covered and the calories you burned.

Waterproof Case for Your Smartphone


One of the main disappointments in owning a smartphone without a built-in water protection is you cannot use it in wet environments. Now, you need not worry about this anymore with a waterproof case. With it, you will be able to send text messages, snap pictures and watch videos in the wettest of environments without damaging your phone.

Whether it is just something to keep you occupied or comfortable on your journeys, gadgets are becoming more prevalent in this modern age where travelling and communication are already commonplace. The above-mentioned gadgets are just some of the best to have on your trips.

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