Best Camcorders that’s Right for your Lifestyle

The search for the best camcorder seems a never ending undertaking. With various models coming out every month, it is easy to get confused on which brand to choose. So to help you out, we’ve rounded some of our top picks for the best camcorders today.

ASX ActionPro

Do you love going outdoors and taking photos while having an adventure? This camera is ideal for you as it is shockproof and has a solid construction. The sensor comes with very high quality as it has a 720p HD sensor and a wide angle HD lens at 140 degrees.

Other features include waterproof and dustproof capabilities, as well as 2 inches of LCD screen that can easily give you flexibility in changing the settings.


GoPro Hero 4

This camcorder is the best of its generation so far and with it, GoPro delivers a lot. Aside from the 4K shooting capability, its features are highly powerful that any serious action photographer makes sure to have it. Aside from the 4K shooting capability, the footage it delivers are rich and sharp. User experience is definitely enhanced with this popular GoPro model.


Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam

For those who are always on the move, this camcorder is ideal for you as it has wifi capability. It lets you operate through the RMLVR2 Live-View Remote as well as your smartphone even when you’re far away from it. It’s features include splash proof, waterproof, 120 fps full HD slow-motion capture to name a few.

With these top picks, we hope you’ll be able to decide on the best camcorder that’s right on your budget as well as on how you’ll be using it.

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