ASUS ROG, new gaming peripherals ROG PNK LTD

ASUS ROG has announced the debut in Italy of the peripherals for gaming of the ROG PNK LTD line. These are special versions that give a nod to the female public thanks to the use of pink and gray colors, well-known and appreciated products such as the ROG Strix Flare keyboard, the ROG Gladius II Origin mouse, the ROG Strix Fusion 300 headphones and the ROG Sheath mat.

Even if the aspect has changed, the substance is always the same.

The new version of the ROG Strix Flare keyboard has a matte pink finish, interrupted on the right side by a weft with a brushed aluminum effect, creating a pleasant alternation of different finishes. This division runs across the entire keyboard in a vertical direction, up to the palm rest, now in its new variant of light gray that achieves a very delicate two-tone effect. In terms of structure and components, nothing changes from the well-known and beloved classic Strix Flare keyboard. The RGB lighting of the keys can be used to obtain any desired shade of pink or to create a true rainbow of colors. The Strix Flare is available with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, to offer the best tactile feedback when typing or playing sessions.