ARM MacBook next year, then USB4

Apple’s work continues to create a Mac equipped with an ARM processor designed entirely in Cupertino. Intel’s abandonment is expected by early next year.

In a new note to investors, the reliable Ming Chi Kuo revealed that Apple continues to work on the Mac with ARM processor designed entirely by the apple. The new models are expected to arrive later this year or at the beginning of the next at the latest, with a design similar to the current one; then, in 2021, a complete redesign will follow. In any case, different models are expected; for USB 4 on Mac, however, you will have to wait for 2022.

This hypothesis has been talked about for some time, and the date for the debut of the first Mac without Intel was initially set for 2020; except that, perhaps even a little for Coronavirus, everything has now been postponed to the following year.

The move to ARM will significantly improve the competitive advantage of the Mac line, and will allow Cupertino to update its computers more frequently without having to depend on Intel’s roadmap -and delays-, while reducing costs by 40/60% and creating more differentiation than Windows PCs.

At this stage, not much more is known: it is not clear even if the novelty concerns the MacBook or the Air, or if it will create an unprecedented product category. In any case, it seems to understand that the architecture developed with the new chip will be fundamental for the iPhones and iPads coming in the next few months; this implies that the new MacBook ARM and iPhone 12 will share the same technologies:

If everything goes as planned, in other words, Cupertino will launch the key technologies of the new Mac ARM with the next products on the launch pad, namely iPhone 12 with 5G and the flagship iPad with mini-LED display. And then, by the first half of 2021, to arrive at his masterpiece, the computer that we had been waiting for for years and which will allow iOS apps to run continuously. And at that point, the two platforms will really be one. For USB4, however, it will need to be repaired in 2022.