Apps You Should Get Rid of or Should Not Download

The market is full of applications or apps that it’s almost impossible to know which ones works and which ones don’t. Often, it’s a matter of trial an error – downloading a certain app and testing if it suits you, keeping if it does and uninstalling if it doesn’t. If you come to think of it, users barely have protection against corrupted or defunct apps.

Why Delete or Avoid Bad Apps?

All software applications you download and install into your gadget eats up precious space that could’ve been allocated for your more valuable files such as photos and mobile documents. Also, dormant or unused apps just keeps on updating itself, slowing down other mobile programs. If an app keeps on crashing or doesn’t prove useful, they don’t have to linger in your phone longer than they should. It’s best to delete them right away.


Which Apps to Delete or Avoid?

The obvious choice are those apps you barely use. When was the last time you use a certain app – a year ago? Yes, delete those unused and boring programs to make space for more interesting and more useful ones.

Also, delete or avoid programs meant to make photos look prettier. Your mobile device may have an expandable memory, but it can only store so much. If you want to edit photos, use your laptop or desktop instead for better, much realistic results.


Get rid of mobile apps designed to organize and manage your life, but in reality barely do their job. Keep a reliable alarm clock app, and that’s it. There’s enough sticky notes and bulletins where you can tab your to-do list.

Apps for dating and reading horoscopes, well they are merely for entertainment and not for the serious stuff, right? If you want to do well in your love life and your overall life, the first thing is to not let an app dictate you.

How to Delete Apps?

Go to Settings on your phone or mobile gadget, and go to the Apps submenu. Choose from the list of apps the program you want to delete or uninstall. Tap Delete in iOS or Disable in Android phones.

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