Apple Watch Series 4, comes the cheeky Huami clone

It is made of the same materials, has the exact same design and even the same dials, but it is not an Apple Watch. It’s called Amazfit GTS, is produced by the Chinese Huami, and is the most blatant clone that can be found on the market.

The resemblance is really disconcerting and will leave you speechless. The Amazfit GTS was launched by Huami, a brand owned by Xiaomi (those of the “Mimoji” copied from the Apple website), and is available in 6 different colors and a graphic that “is inspired” too too much from the Analog Activity dial and the Cupertino Watch Modular Information Chart.

Clearly, it costs a trifle compared to the original, just € 115, but has neither an ECG nor above all iOS. However, it includes an NFC module for mobile payments, GPS and Biotracker for continuous monitoring of the beat. The 1.65 inch display is AMOLED with Super Retina resolution and offers 100% NTSC color saturation on the 341ppi; a pixel density higher than that of the Series 4. The case is in aluminum alloy and weighs just 24.8 grams, with a thickness of only 9.4 mm; in other words it is also 12.1% thinner than the Apple Watch Series 4.

This smartwatch allows you to start 12 different sports modes, including swimming; it is in fact certified for dives up to 5ATM. The battery, the manufacturer swears, reaches up to 14 days. An immensity compared to the Cupertino counterpart.

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