Apple or Android: The Battle on Which Is Better Continues

This question had been asked several times but with technology ever changing, the answer is never the same each time Apple or Samsung and the other players come out with better and newer models. iPhone users will obviously choose their phones, the same thing with those who have been using Android smartphones. Apple used to be one tough beast to topple but when Samsung came out with smartphones, it somehow divided the market. Let’s compare these two phones and see what the verdict would be.

Software Updates 

On the issue of software updates, Apple is one step ahead than its competitors. Users receive iOs updates regularly as soon as one is available, regardless of the provider as opposed to Android phone users who have to wait months for the updated version of their phone’s OS.



When it comes to clearer and better pictures, whether front and rear cameras, the iPhone is the winner. Although the high end Android phones from Samsung, HTC and LG take great images, models which are cheaper still come with 2-megapixel front cameras. Photos taken from iPhones are way better!



Apple always gets the apps first and when it comes to design, say a game app available for both iPhone and Android, the latter falls short. Some iPhone users say there are many apps available for their phones. Well, Apple’s App Store has loads of apps exclusively for iPhone users. But when it comes to downloading apps, Google Play Store made it easier for Android owners to download apps. For iPhones, an Apple ID is needed. For security purposes, this is a good thing, but there are complaints from owners who are not tech savvy finding it hard to do so especially if they forgot their Apple ID.

The verdict? Depends on who is being asked. Both phones have qualities to boast about. What’s great about this competition is the benefit it gives to end-users since manufacturers will always innovate and improve their phones to get the market’s attention.

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