Apple Card: beautiful, practical but so delicate

An official Apple document reveals the extreme-useless- fragility of the titanium apple credit card.

An official support document recently published by Apple, reveals how to properly take care of the Apple Card. But this reveals the extreme fragility of this atypical debit card.
If the paper gets dirty, it is advisable to use soft and non-abrasive, slightly damp cloths; the ideal is the microfiber + isopropyl alcohol combo. Absolutely avoid solvents, household cleaning products, degreasers, ammonia and rough cloths like leather or jeans that could cause unsightly discolouration.
The Apple Card finish is made up of several, very thin layers of titanium that can get scratched if not stored in bags, wallets and pockets made of soft materials. For the same reason, it is not advisable to keep it in contact with coins, keys or other abrasive objects.

Furthermore, the paper should never be placed near the magnets for any reason: the magnetic strip on the back may be demagnetized. In short, Apple Card is beautiful but also a lot, even too delicate.

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