Apple bluetooth earphones: models and choice

Apple offers AirPods wireless headsets for its devices; models for sale, prices and which to buy.

Apple pays close attention to its accessories and in particular to earphones that can be used in combination with its devices such as iPhones and iPads. For sound lovers, it offers the AirPods and AirPods 2 wireless headsets that are able to offer the highest quality reproduction in complete freedom. In addition, all earphones are separated and therefore greater freedom of movement.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are wireless headsets designed to take sound quality to another level. Special features, can also be used individually. The two earphones can also be used by two different people. Also, when used together, stereo sound reproduction starts.

This is something I don’t like to do. The mini box that protects the earphones when not in use also acts as a power bank to extend the autonomy.

Apple AirPods 2

Apple AirPods 2 have been announced a few months ago and are an evolution of previous headsets. The design is completed the same. The real big news is the presence of the H1 processor capable of guaranteeing energy consumption and offering new features. In addition, the AirPods earphones compatible with the “Hey Siri” command. A new Wireless Charging Case is also introduced.

Price of 229 euros with wireless charging case. (Buy on Amazon)

Come and choose

Apple’s wireless headset models are only due. They are more than anything else, it is an evolution and not a distortion of the first model. The price is very similar and therefore the most recent AirPods model which is able to offer a higher quality of use has been preferred.

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