Apple Arcade: prices, and all games included in the subscription

Among the many new features launched during the Special Event on March 25, Tim Cook presented Apple Arcade, the first subscription to the App Store games.

Update: At a distance of one month from the day of launch, Apple Arcade earns 5 new titles:

Decoherence (Efecto Studios): Strategy game that consists of building robots to win the war
INMOST (Chucklefish): An atmospheric puzzle platformer, with a beautiful interconnected story that allows you to play up to 3 different players linked by the same fate.
Mind Symphony (Rogue Games): A classic fast-paced shoot-em game; in alternative it proposes a relaxation mode with very pleasant music.
ShockRods (Stainless Games): An arena shooter with machines where you shoot your opponents, achieve goals and steal your opponent’s flag.
Stela (SkyBox Labs): A very cinematic atmosphere platformer lived through the eyes of a boy who lives the last days of a mysterious, ancient civilization.

Hundreds of new titles created by Disney, Sega, Lego, Cartoon Network and Konami are coming to the App Store. But they won’t buy, nor will they bore you with In-App Purchases, power-ups and paid lives that eventually cost more than if you had bought the game. These games will be subscribed with Apple Arcade.

In iOS 13, Apple Arcade is a separate section on the App Store, edited by industry professionals, not artificial intelligence; suggestions for downloadable titles will be based on user habits, but there will be no profiling.

All content will create a complete gaming experience, with all features and updates included, without advertising or additional purchases.

“The App Store is the largest and most loved video game platform in the world. Now with Apple Arcade, the first subscription-based gaming service for mobile devices, desktop computers and TVs, the games will make a quantum leap, “said Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. “Together with some of the world’s most innovative developers, we are working on creating over 100 original games for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Apple Arcade games will be suitable for families and will respect user privacy, without advertising and without in-app purchases. We believe that Apple Arcade will be enthusiastically welcomed by gamers of all ages. ”

Types of Games
The titles, created by avid software houses, will cover all the main genres, from action to adventure, from social games to puzzles: there is something for everyone. Here is a taste of what awaits you:

“Ballistic Baseball” by Gameloft is an action-packed baseball arcade game, where pitcher and batter can compete in head-to-head multiplayer challenges.

In “ChuChu Rocket! Universe “, Sega launches the beloved ChuChu in a universe of strange and wonderful planets, with over 100 puzzles and puzzles to solve.
– In Devolver’s “Exit the Gungeon”, players must escape from a prison that is about to collapse, facing increasingly dangerous obstacles and enemies.

Finji’s “Overland” is a post-apocalyptic “on the road” adventure, in which players will have to contend with fearsome creatures, save other travelers and search for supplies to survive.

“PAC-MAN PARTY ROYALE” by Bandai Namco is an innovative arcade experience with a four-player Battle mode in which only one PAC-MAN will survive.

In “Rayman Mini” by Ubisoft, Rayman has become as small as an ant! Players will be able to use insects, mushrooms and plants to cross the strange world as quickly as possible or try again and try again until they reach the perfect score.

Snowman’s “Skate City” encompasses the soul and heart of street skating and integrates multi-touch controls.

“Steven Universe: Unleash the Light” is an original Cartoon Network, written in collaboration with Rebecca Sugar, where users choose their favorite characters, unlock new abilities and disguise themselves with funny costumes in the best mobile platform role-playing game.

“Super Impossible Road” by Rogue Games is a futuristic, high-adrenaline driving game, where users tackle twists and turns on tracks that pass through beautiful galactic sceneries.

“The Bradwell Conspiracy” by Bossa is a stylized adventure game halfway between the thriller and the conspiracy theory, with a clear humorous vein.