Announced the new Yongnuo YN 35mm f / 1.4 for full-frame reflex

Announced in the last hours the new fixed f / 1.4 35mm with home autofocus Yongnuo, focal standard that lends itself a bit ‘to all kinds of use and that goes to complement the existing model F2 in the range of Asian manufacturer.

The lens has a design of 11 elements in 9 groups, with two aspherical lenses that manage to keep aberrations under control and two “Abnormal Dispersion” elements that act on the secondary spectrum; the transmission of light is finally corrected by a classic multi-layer treatment, which also solves the problems of phantom and glow effect (glare).

The diaphragm consists of 7 blades and can close up to f / 22, offering the star effect in point lights at reduced openings, while the minimum focusing distance is only 35cm: you can also shoot close up, relying on a scale of accurate and reliable distances.

The lens looks like a very robust and well-constructed assembly with gold-plated contacts and metal bayonet. The size and weight of the barrel will obviously be consistent with the amount of optical elements present: 111mm length, 82mm outside diameter and 67mm filter diameter, with a weight that, according to the reported data, should stop at 810 grams.

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