Amazon – New Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon has updated its Fire TV Stick, basic model, including the Alexa Voice Remote.

Amazon has announced that it has updated its popular Fire TV Stick, basic model, including in the package the sophisticated remote Alexa Voice Remote, an accessory presented towards the end of last year. This is an important innovation as this remote control not only allows you to control the Fire TV Stick but also to manage many other connected devices such as televisions, soundbars and more.

Alexa Voice Remote, in fact, has Bluetooth, multidirectional infrared and dedicated voice commands. Supports that make it compatible with many products. But as the name suggests, this remote is also closely linked to Alexa.

Users, pushing on a special button, can recall the voice assistant of Amazon in order to take advantage of all its features just as you do when talking with the voice with smart speakers.

Also very important news because, despite this upgrade, the price of the Fire TV Stick does not change ($ 39.99). The owners of the previous model can also equip themselves with the new remote control at a discounted price.

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote will debut in America on January 23rd. Those interested can already order it. No mention on Italian debut. It is reasonable to expect that the new Amazon Fire TV Stick will come in the future because this new model will also be available for the British market. The new Fire TV Stick can also be purchased in bundle with the Echo Dot smart speaker.

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