AirPods Pro, the first accessories on the market

Would you believe it? The first accessories for AirPods Pro have already appeared on the market, and this means only one thing: the launch is imminent.

We know that Apple is working on a new generation of wireless headsets with active noise cancellation and water resistance; we also know that they will be distributed in two different variants and that in the US it will cost $ 260, which is about € 279 here.

Practically all he needed was to know the launch date and something tells us that it is very close. In the race against the competition, in fact, ESR, a manufacturer of compatible accessories, has released a series of protective silicone covers for a brand new version of AirPods that you can see on this web page.
To tell the truth, we expected a special Apple Special Event next week, but the absence of press releases and invitations leads us to think that perhaps the first part of November will be discussed again. These are speculations, for heaven’s sake, but there is a certainty: Cupertino has a great deal of hardware and software news, including the MacBook Pro 16 “, Apple Tag, the new Apple TV and precisely the AirPods Pro. If you ask us, with all this meat on fire, an ad hoc keynote appears more than reasonable.

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