AirPods: Have Siri Read Messages

If a message arrives, there is no need to bring out the iPhone; if you wear AirPods, Siri can automatically read the messages for you. Here is how the feature is activated.
Starting from iOS 13.2, Siri is able to automatically announce the arrival of messages on AirPods and to read their content in a natural voice. Here is how it is activated, and with which AirPods models it works.
Here is the eleventh tip to add to the 10 tips to make the most of AirPods Pro; by setting the reading aloud of messages with Siri it is possible to listen to the new iMessages directly from the Apple earphones as they arrive, and if you want you can also reply to them without ever removing the iPhone. Just follow these steps:

On iPhone, open Settings

Look for Siri and search

Activate Announce Messages

For the feature to be available, however, the following conditions must occur:

You have updated to iOS 13.2 and later

You have a pair of AirPods with H1 chips (therefore 2nd generation AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, AirPods Pro)

In any case, the first time you open the AirPods case after the update to iOS 13.2, the system itself will ask you to want to activate the functionality: just say yes. Once everything is set, you can also decide on which contacts to activate or deactivate automatic reading, choosing from:

All: Even those not in the address book

Recent: Those with whom you have open conversations

All Contacts: Only users in the phone book

Favorites: Only users added to the Favorites screen of the Phone app

For the moment, it only works on iMessage, but as soon as WhatsApp, Telegram and all the others will update the apps to take advantage of the feature, Siri will also read their messages. A matter of little time, in any case.

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