Acer is not convinced of the Thunderbolt ports

The first generation of Thunderbolt connectivity was introduced to the market more than two years ago bringing in the world of technology a bandwidth of more than remarkable results for transfers through connected devices. The technology of Intel seemed to have captured the attention of users but also with the passage of time the demand increased slowly and Acer has decided to abandon it and leave more space for USB 3.0.

Thunderbolt technology offers data transfer speeds unquestionably superior to that of the alternative competitor USB 3.0 or a peak of 10 GB / s bidirectional against 5 GB / s. Intel is pretty sure the possibilities of this technology which has already been presented by the second generation, the Thunderbolt 2 or Falcon Ridge which will arrive on the market later this year. It remains a standard not yet widespread, available only in some devices such as Apple’s Mac Book which has contributed to its creation or at least on high end PCs.



USB 3.0 is preferable

Acer was one of the first to adopt the new technology from Intel with its Aspire S5 ultrabook presented almost exactly a year ago but now the stupid belief and Taiwan decided to abandon the standard in favor of USB 3.0. The motivation resides simply in the poor flexibility of the Thunderbolt from the point of view of costs. The materials are very expensive.

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