A Speedier Way to Transfer Bigger Files?

New technology for transferring huge amounts of data has recently been developed by a startup called Keyssa. How fast it can transfer, you ask? Well, what typically takes USB drives or Wi-Fi connection minutes to transfer can be accomplished by Keyssa’s wireless transfer technology in mere seconds!

A Small Chip to Accommodate the Biggest Files


Keyssa created a chip that makes use of high frequency radio waves for transferring data unbelievably quickly between 2 devices touching each other. They termed it “Kiss Connectivity“.

The idea is to install the chip in your computer dock or mobile gadgets such as laptops, smartphones and tablets; hold them side by side each other and you can immediately transfer your entire collections of photos and movies within seconds. As high resolution 4K video formats become the standard formats today, this technology will prove to be particularly useful for many.

Just How Fast Is It?

In its initial iteration, Keyssa has announced that their technology will have the capacity to transfer data as fast as 6GBpS (gigabits per second). That means a 2GB movie can easily be transferred in less than 3 seconds. That’s even faster than using a USB stick which currently has a max speed of 5GBpS or using Wi-Fi connection which has a transfer speed of 1.3GBpS!


According to Keyssa, they are envisioning their chip-based connector to replace the metal ones currently found in smartphones today. It’s a vision that could actually come to reality and potentially even be sought-after since wireless charging is being continuously improved. 

When Will It Be Available?

Keyssa is expecting its first products to come out in the second half of 2015. However, they have not divulged yet how much it will potentially cost manufacturers to have the chips added on to their devices.

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