A Recent Patch to Apple’s iOS 10 Major Upgrade Might Cause Some Concerns

It can’t be denied that Apple has finally been able to rollout iOS 10. It has been dubbed the smoothest upgrade in years. However, its recent patch iOS 10.0.1 might just be surprisingly quick which has caused concerns for many iOS users.

Here are things that you can get when upgrading to the iOS 10.0.1 patch.

  • Fixed the issue preventing requests to its virtual assistant Siri in recognizing some keywords.
  • Fixed some issues affecting audio quality for calls being made over the voice-over-LTE
  • Fixed some issues that might affect connectivity such as Bluetooth and pairing issues in the Apple Watch.
  • Improved stability of Contacts and Camera apps.


At the same time, iOS 10.0.1 may have addressed a security flaw in the kernel wherein a validation issue may have potentially been exploited by apps, which aim to disclose data from its kernel memory.

Deal Breakers

The recent iOS 10.0.1 patch may be a warning for jailbreak enthusiasts out there. This is because it will remove any jailbreak that you installed. In fact, major teams of hackers TaiG and Pangu have expressed concerns as they had a hard time cracking iOS releases of late.

Recent Issues about the Latest iOS 10.0.1

On other hand, there were isolated cases regarding the iOS 10.0.1 patch. Trouble with iCloud backups, jumbled camera rolls, and disappearing keyboards are just a few of the incidents but no momentum yet has been behind any of them at this point.


What is the Latest Patch for Anyway?

The latest patch to the iOS 10 is designed for the following devices:

  • iPhone 5 or later,
  • iPad 2 or later,
  • iPad Pro range, and
  • iPod 6th generation or later.

Upgrades might be prompted automatically, but if you haven’t received it yet, you can always go to Settings > General > Software Update and check for recent updates.

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