A Portable Tracker to Ensure Your Kid’s Safety

With full workload and a dozen more errands to attend to, it’s almost impossible for most parents of today to physically keep an eye on their children 24/7. But perhaps the worrying ends here as new technologies have recently been popping to help address this dilemma.

The Rise of Portable Trackers

There are several portable trackers available in the market today. One that has gotten fairly great impressions is the Meitrack MT90.


Meitrack MT90 is a portable GPS/GLONASS-combined tracking device geared for tracking vehicles, children, lone workers and the elderly. Equipped with SOS functions and man-down alarm, it features an easy-to-use tracking system that allows owners to do real-time tracking anywhere either through a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.


Portable Design with Precise GPS Tracking System

The MT90 appears smaller than your credit card. It only weighs 65g and features a rugged waterproof design. With the device, users can make calls as they would with a mobile phone. It has a 2-way calling function which allows parents to contact their children anytime, and children can also call their parents back with the SOS button. 

Falling Alarm

Just in case of an injury or emergency, the MT90 has the capability to send alarms for help. If the device fails to detect movement, it will send falling alarm to the registered contact. The holder’s location will be sent for tracking through the monitor center.

Battery Life

The device can last for 24 hours, up to ten days. Although the duration will primarily depend on use as well as on message frequency. Also, the GPS Sensitivity of the device is valued at -161dB, featuring fast and accurate signal detection. 

Is This Technology an Invasion of Privacy?



While some people may argue that portable trackers are totally unnecessary, many parents don’t think so. With teenagers, it’s highly likely that the line will be crossed but at the end of the day, they are still your precious child and you will want them as safe as possible. The key here is to be able to explain to them it’s all safety precautions and hopefully come to a compromise. As they all say, it’s better safe than sorry.