3 of the Best Gaming Laptops on the Market

You have to admit that a gaming PC has its limitations. You certainly can’t take it with you if you travel or chill out someplace else. Considering how people tend to develop a close affinity for their own computers and tools, you probably hate using others’ PCs, what with the lack of familiarity. Well, thank heavens for gaming laptops. Now, you can be the dedicated gamer that you really are.

What are some of the best options on the market?

Asus G750JS-DS71


It’s a gaming laptop that you can use for years because of its fail-proof cooling system. Regardless of how long and often you play, it doesn’t go steaming hot. Most importantly, it has a quad-core Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M graphics card and 16GB of RAM. It also comes with a 256GB solid state drive and a 1TB hard drive. But the biggest bonus of all is that the G750JS gives you the ultimate gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Gigabyte P35W v2

Unlike other gaming laptops, this one lacks the bells and whistles. The good news is it has everything you need to play your favorite game, yet costs less. What it lacks in added features, it makes up for more hardware and better performance. That’s more than anyone can ask from a gaming laptop, right? So even if it lacks the latest in wireless technology, the P35W v2 still won’t disappoint.

Alienware 17


The cool name is enough to do you in, but wait until you start using it. Except for a few minor glitches, Alienware 17 can rival the best gaming PC with its AMD graphics chip, GeForce GTX 880M graphics card, 16GB DDR3 RAM and other powerful components. A gaming laptop provides a practical solution for gaming on the go. With the ability to go mobile, you can play your favorite games any time and place.