What to Do With Your Old iPhone

Take time to look at your old iPhone. Dejected and unkempt, it’s sitting in one corner of your room, eyeing with envy the new mobile toy you’re tinkering thinking, “that was me years ago”.

Things don’t have to end this way though. Your old iPhone 4 or 3 need not suffer indignity such as being used to prop up an off-balanced table. There are options you can consider.

Make it into a home security device

The British startup, Manything, has recently developed an application that can turn your iPhone into a home security camera which allows you to monitor live feed remotely. The app makes use of the phone’s front cam to capture as well as stream live footage from the home. It can also send out motion detection alert should movement be detected.


A Pseudo Professional-Grade Camera

Okay, an old iPhone will never give out the same results as high-end SLR cameras. However, you can make decent effect replicas with the help of snazzy accessories.

One such camera add-on is the Canon iPhone5 SLR mount suitable for serious “iphoneographers”. Note that there is no software linking the camera to the hardware though so you will need to figure out for yourself how to shoot manual photos. Other add-ons you might like are the 4-in1 Olloclip lens, the iPro Lens System and the LED flash Nova.


Modern Alarm Clock

The enterprising genius James Aloysius released the c/dock, a retro-looking iPhone dock that, when used, allows your iPhone to be used as an alarm clock. It’s made of solid walnut, features brushed aluminum face plate and comes with a built-in USB cable for charging.


Light Meter

Repurpose your old iPhone to become a light meter with the add-on, Luxi.

Luxi is an accessory that is typically installed over the front camera to give accurate light readings of an area. If you are an aspiring photographer, this will greatly help you manage light as well as ensure that your photo exposures are correct.

The options on what to do with your old mobile phones are numerous, really. Be creative, be resourceful and you’ll find your old iPhones to be of more use than ever.

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