USB Squirming Tentacle | A living Octopus Tentacle

USB sticks are born with a mission simple and precise, with functionality that has precedence over everything else. That’s why for a long time have not seen too many variations on the classic scheme, but when the market became more flooded, some manufacturers have flared with the imagination to carve out their own ideas. With this objective the creator has tried to offer something different, a canvas where the quest for originality has gone a few times with the limits of good taste and beyond. In this I place the USB Squirming Tentacle, who presents herself in the role of a slimy octopus tentacle. As if this were not enough to disrupt the mood of the readers, the contraption, once connected, struggles as well.

USB Squirming Tentacle

USB Squirming Tentacle

It sounds like a Halloween prank, but it is a product regularly offered in all seasons. Many people will turn away to avoid the confusion, but consumers that are more playful and eccentric will be seduced by this work, which is available from ThinkGeek for the price of $ 25.

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