Top Uses for Air Compressors

The humble air compressor really doesn’t get the credit it deserves, especially when you take a look at what they can actually offer you. Yes, these pieces of equipment are perhaps best known for being a reliable source for storing and delivering compressed air into different accessories – but this description doesn’t do them justice. Here we take a look at a range of different applications air compressors have been used for from the practical to the bizarre; with the latter throwing up some pretty surprisingly results!

Typical Uses

The more recognised use for air compressors sees smaller-sized tanks being used domestically or commercially to power air tools. From building work to installation and more air tools like drills, saws and spray guns are championed for their efficient and effective delivery and easy use. They’re also a safer option as unlike electric tools they don’t overheat from prolonged usage!

Industrial Uses

On a larger scale, bigger industrial air compressors can be used for drilling down in mining and can be used to power heavy machinery and factory productions lines. It’s not all about processing and construction though; larger air compressors have been used in the fight to protect the environment too. In water purification they can be used to separate sewage and to clean water and inject more oxygen into it.

Air Compressors

Air Compressors

The Weird and Wonderful Uses

The power that air compressors can provide has seen them being used in some quite unique ways in the past. One such example is an air powered canon to fire potatoes; this example has proved to be quite popular with engineering enthusiasts who have been known to push themselves to see who can fire their potato the furthest! Another weird use has seen magicians using them to create balloon animals; this is by controlled use of the air flow on their air compressor to quickly inflate balloons when performing on stage.

Just a reminder with these more leftfield uses, don’t try these at home and remember to always pay close attention to the amount of psi you’re using!

If all this has left you pleasantly surprised about what an air compressor can do, or you’re considering taking on some DIY work, there are companies such as SGS Engineering which specialise in providing air compressors. So be sure to invest in one of these great pieces of equipment and enjoy all they have to offer.

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