Three Reasons to Love Sony’s Android TV

To smartphone owners out there, Android is starting to invade the living rooms. TV makers, like Sony, have embraced Google’s Android TV OS. Raise your eyebrows if you like, but you’re soon going to enjoy¬† Google on your television. And here are just some of the reasons why.

Conservative Design

Unlike other smart TV platforms, Android TV services are not built around icons that can be found along the bottom of your TV screen, occupying precious screen space. The service icons will only appear if you press the ‘Home’ button in your Sony remote control, which will take to a page showing a carousel of YouTube and Google videos. Scanning down, you will find a row of Sony Select services, links to Google Play Store, Music and Movies, YouTube, Netflix, and many more. Scrolling down further and you will see a list of Sony TV’s input and settings. Everything is conservatively done.


Big storage space

How do you like idea of playing your favorite smartphone games, such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Candy Crush, and Mine Craft, on a big screen in your living room? Sony’s Android TV has some serious storage space, boasting a 16GB internal storage dedicated to Google TV Playstore as a default for 2016. This means that you can add as many games and apps as you want.

Use your Android phone/tablet to control Sony TV

SOny Android TV

There’s no need to worry about a broken remote control. The Android program allows you to control your Sony TV using the TV SideView app. This application comes complete with a plug-in for voice search. So, you can just sit back, go to your favorite channel and watch your favorite channel without moving a finger.

Sony is taking its smart TV to a new level, and we expect it to get even better in the coming months.

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