The voice recognition in your phone will be crucial to play Mayday! Deep Space

The controls in a game not only act as a means to manage the movement of a character, they also serve as an element of immersion and to receive the feelings of our virtual avatar. On mobile we have seen a lot of games and explored all these possibilities through touch gestures on the screen.

Are there other ways to play? Of course, a good example is found in Mayday! Deep Space, a title where instead of clicking on the screen to move a character we will do it with voice commands for, in this case, preventing that your character dies before the various threats that we see but he does not.

MayDay! Deep Space

MayDay! Deep Space

New ways to play (and communicate)

If you saw the movie Alien probably you remember that scene where Ripley and Gorman use the communications system to, through their voice, guide each other to get safe and where the end was up to the imagination of the players since what is actually happening is unknown.

May Day! Deep Space partially incorporated this idea and takes us to a spaceship where we have to help a survivor go out of it by guiding him with simple voice instructions to go from one place to another. In all, ten commands to perform actions like going from one place to another or manipulate objects to move forward.

All with an interface that gives the player a more advanced view of the situation through a radar but also with the handicap of depending on the ability of our character (and the voice recognition system) to lead him to a place successfully.

Some instructions

Some instructions

A curious and different game where behind its development is Daniel Wilson. A doctor whose research has focused on robotics and engineering but at the same time has also published several science fiction novels or lighter essays on topics such as the future of technology and why we have not yet reached the promises that we had done.

As explained in an interview in The Atlantic, with Mayday! Deep Space they planned to make a different game but mainly to explore a new way to communicate with a virtual character and the way in which we manage to get from one place to another. To create a different relationship between us and the player because in the end the communication, in all its forms, is an element used for bonding with the other person and know more about it. Reflections on the communication apart, the proposal is fun and is available from a few days ago for iOS, to come also in brief to Android.

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