The Risks That Come with Rooting Your Android Devices

A lot of people are talking about the freedom of rooting their Android devices, without stressing the risks they face by doing so. In case you also decide to go for it, it is best to make an informed decision for your mobile security.

Through rooting, you can attain root access to your device’s operating system code, giving you privileges to modify it or install other software the manufacturer would not normally allow you to for good reasons, such as damages that are beyond repair and lost support for modified versions of the software. However, tech-savvy users already developed rooting methods that vary depending on the device, and users are resorting to them because of the powerful perks they can get from it, like full theme/graphic customization, limitless app downloads, extended battery life, added performance and even updates to the latest version of Android OS. Though it seems tempting, rooting can create havoc when done improperly. At your own expense, this method would risk…


turning your smartphone into a brick.

Not literally, but if you blow the rooting process, your phone software can get so damaged that it will basically be as useless as a brick.

voiding your phone’s warranty.

Rooting can get your device straight out of warranty. So, is you experience a phone malfunction after that, the manufacturer will no longer cover the damages as the warranty is no longer valid.


allowing malware to easily breach your mobile security.

While you gain root access, you will also circumvent the security restrictions put in place by the Android operating system, which means viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware can infect its software without an effective mobile antivirus for Android.

If you still want to go on with the process, just make sure you do an extensive research, as rooting differs depending on the type and brand of your smartphone. Better yet, ask for expert advice on dedicated forums or consult a tech-savvy person to do it for you.

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