The Pitfalls of Keeping Up with the Latest Gadget

Many individuals and businesses boast of having the latest technology and gadget. At the onset, having the newest devices and programs may help propel your status, reputation or productivity. If you come to think about it, buying what is new and discarding the old is often a waste of money because the truth is, some are simply just showing off, and the old technology is not really old and obsolete, just a few months or years ahead but totally working just right.


If it is not broken, do not fix it. Oftentimes, people are extremely on the spending spree that they overlook the advantages of having the old and reliable technologies. Ever wonder why some new stuff breaks down so easily? Perhaps manufacturers are rushing to get things out the door that they do not put so much thought in the performance of their product.

The reason why intricately made products are so expensive and sought-after by those who want quality is that these products take time and effort to make, and they are hardly replaceable. Find a gadget with the best quality and reliability and make use of it. If it is not cost-effective to replace it, then don’t.

Unwarranted spending urges are signs of a psychological disorder. It is hard to admit but your excessive desires to get the latest gadget may be telltale signs of you having some inner problems. If you only want the newest version because it has half an inch bigger screen or has a different color, then the purchase would be unreasonable.


If you are in the business, it would not be long until your business suffers the consequences. After all, changes in technology entail adjustments in labor, production, and marketing. You need to streamline operation as soon as possible whenever you introduce something new to the business, or else you would not benefit from it.

Keeping up with the latest technology without warranted reason is financially unsound and time consuming, and greatly affects productivity and performance. For individuals, it can be a sign of personal issues – maybe confidence issues or disorders. For businesses, it can ultimately lead to risky expenditures without benefiting from the technology.

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