Surface Pro 2 | The first leak talk about Haswell

The Microsoft Surface Pro came only after a few months since the release of Windows 8 and the Surface was smooth but this year the second generation could reach the exit at the same time as Windows 8.1 since mid October. The Surface Pro 2, a strictly provisional name, has not given us any official figures yet but today Neowin published a leak of information gathered from different sources in which he summarizes the new features in this version. The information of the leak were then corroborated and extended by Paul Thurrot of Winsupersite.

Surface Pro 1

Surface Pro 1

The novelty that is less striking is the transition from Ivy Bridge to Haswell. An update required that will help to increase the efficiency and autonomy from the modest 5 hours of the current generation to 7, a value closer to the end tablet. No information on the specific model but it seems that it will be a Core i5 probably in the variants with very low consumption U or Y.

An update too modest?

They will also change the amount of RAM by 2GB from the initials so you will have a choice for 4GB or 8GB. Will Surface Pro 2 have different hardware configurations? As for the exterior looks, it’s more likely to remain almost unchanged identical to what Thurrot writes except for the retractable kickstand which will be modified to support two support corners. And the price? It seems that will remain the same or at least one of the first cuts and slashing for both models.

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