Sony HMZ-T3W 3D viewer | Is the time ripe?

I want a nice display of 750″? Probably there would be some difficulty in doing so into the house, even more to stay 20m away or maybe you can cheat and use a simple pair of glasses with integrated 3D screen. The consumer electronics revolve around us at least twenty years but it seems we might finally be close to being able to watch a movie on the couch at home or even better to play games in the first person completely immersed in the action. At least this is what I offer our Japanese friends with their Sony HMZ-T3W.

The eye wants its part

Within this pair of goggles will hide two OLED screens with 1280 × 720 pixels. The resolution is not 1080p and then on a screen so big you could potentially see. The HMZ-T3W has life of 3 hours if we use the wireless or the Android MHL as a method of data transfer while if we use the canonical HDMI duration increases reaching to 7 hours. Of course, the idea of ​​being stuck with a cable makes this thing much less futuristic but think of it this way. There is no power cord. It weighs 320g but Sony has a lot of ergonomics in its design which is adjustable and adaptable to a large number of different heads with an easy focus of lenti. The sound is 7.1, a 360° surround that should make happy lovers of a good audio.

Sony HMZ-T3W

Sony HMZ-T3W

Sony HMZ – T3W Conclusions

Without an accurate test one cannot tell you whether it is worthwhile or not but the idea is certainly interesting and perhaps for the first time made ​​really well, consistent with the needs of users who want to enjoy a movie on the go privately or attach it to the PS 4. Unfortunately we are not faced with a new Oculus Rift by Sony because the HMZ pointer from T3W does and does not follow the movements of the head. It’s just a trick to having a huge screen and a private 3D Ultra compact dimensions.

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