Samsung Galaxy S4: the response of Koreans to iPhone 5

According to rumors by a tech blog, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be presented on February in Barcelona.

Samsung wants to show the world that is not defeated by Apple. Consumers won’t have enough time to enjoy the Galaxy S3 as on February of 2013, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will be presented the Galaxy S4. This is the South Korean’s response to the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

This rumor comes from the blog of Korea Times but Samsung has denied it. Well, we’ll see if it is true or not. In the meantime, there is talking about how the new Galaxy S4 will look like and how different will it be from the previous model. It is said that it will be larger (5-inch display), with support LTE and quad-core Exynos chip across the range.

Rumors speak exclusively about the new features and aesthetics but for now nothing is for sure. To avoid blocking attempts by Apple, Samsung will do anything it takes to make the new Galaxy S4 completely different from the previous ones.

Difficult to assume a shape other than rectangular considered the 5 inch display, but this time the Koreans could surprise the world. I guess we will see about that in Barcelona, or maybe not.

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