Productivity Apps Every Employee Needs

Failure to be productive in one day can have serious consequences. Not only will work pile up, but you can be dubbed as a slacker at work, which is definitely bad news for your reputation. So, want to be more productive in one day?

Use Cal to stay organized


If there’s anything that must be kept well-arranged, it should be your schedule. Imagine what can happen to your work day when all your appointments are jumbled and you have no idea which one you need to go to first. Rather than rely on just a calendar, however, upgrade to Cal, an app with an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use interface. Use it to create a schedule and make adjustments on the fly.

Use Dropbox for easy collaboration


Sharing files in the office is as easy as handing a file to a colleague in the next cubicle or office. But it’s a different story when you’re out of the office or away on a business trip. Since sending files via email is time-consuming and, in some occasions, lead to security threat, using Dropbox provides a better and more secure alternative. For easy collaboration, you can use its ‘share’ feature.

Use Buffer for social media updates

This app is useful for digital marketers that need to update posts all across social media platforms. Through Buffer, you can share links and news in real time to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. You can even use it to set a schedule for when you need to send tweets or retweets. Moreover, it offers an analytics back-end.

Use Pocket to collect resources


Of course, you’ll need to take a break from all that work you need to do, so you can re-charge and re-focus. To maximize your time, you can use your break to catch up on you reading or video watching. What better way to keep track of what to read and watch than to create a list and save it on the Pocket. You can access these sources either online or offline. Need help being productive? Take a load of these apps.

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