Panasonic introduces EZ770 | LCD projectors with Digital Link

The Japanese company Panasonic warns of the imminent expansion of its range of fixed installation projectors with the addition of a brand new line. The range will replace the previous EZ570 and is designed to offer a high yield combined with a suitable cost both as regards the energy consumption that the maintenance takes and the lifetime of the components. EZ770 will be part of the lineup of three distinct models with similar characteristics and different brightness and resolution. According to what has been said it would be easy to use even in the bright room of a hotel after a long day of following a best travel guide as it is also easily transportable!

PT EZ770Z cable will offer a brightness of 6,500 lumens combined with a WUXGA resolution and a contrast ratio of 5000:1.
– To follow is the PT EW730Z which has a brightness of 7.000 lumens, WXGA resolution and contrast ratio of 5000:1.
– Finally, the PT EX800Z which offers a brightness of 7.500 lumens, XGA resolution resolution and contrast ratio of 5000:1.

Panasonic PT EZ770

Panasonic PT EZ770

Daylight View Basic and Digital Link

The main features of the projectors are two. The Daylight View Basic technology consists of an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the picture brightness adapting to the environment. Digital Link, however has been developed by Panasonic to enable you to send pictures, sounds and control signals through a single LAN cable up to 100 meters away. The three projectors are also compatible with the most popular control protocols such as Digital Media 8G+ Crestron, the XTP Systems Extron and AMX Enova DVX. The projectors will be available from November 2013. There are no specific rules as to what the starting price will be.

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