No Parts, Goodbye iPod Classic

The arrival of the iPod completely changed how people listen to music. In the past, you’d have to carry around a bag with your favorite CDs just to be able to listen to them. When the iPod Classic arrived, you had a handy, portable device that could store your favorite music collection!

The first generation iPod Classic was known to put “1,000 songs in your pocket.” Not only did it relieve listeners of carrying around their CD collection, it also come with a cool design and features – a scroll wheel that rotated, FireWire port for charging and syncing and was available in 5 and 10GB models.


Flash forward to just shy of the iPod Classics’ 13th anniversary, Apple quietly discontinued the product. Speaking at the WSJD Live Event, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that they couldn’t get the parts to make the iPod Classic anymore. This was the major reason that they decided to discontinue the product.

The words Cook used were “We couldn’t get the parts anymore” and “They don’t make them anymore.”

Although the iPod Classic isn’t as old as that battered radio you have hidden in your garage or basement, Cook said they had to retire the product and that it wasn’t worth designing a new one. However, the stinger was this: “The number of people who wanted it is very small.”


Following the debut of the iPhone 6, the product was removed from Apple’s website without any mention. The iPod Classic is the last of Apple’s devices to use the legacy 30-pin connector while the other models use the Lightning connector.

So, say goodbye to a beloved product that brought a whole lot of joy to the music-loving population of the world. In case you want to buy a model for memory’s sake, you might want to scour eBay to find someone selling their old device.

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