Master Chief Modular Motorcycle Helmet | Halo in your motorbike

Nothing like taking advantage of a legion of fans to succeed, cause if your passion is Halo and you have a motorcycle here is one of those gadgets that you will love and want to have with all your forces. It is signed by NECA, an accessories for motorbikes manufacturer, and the chosen name is very descriptive: Halo Master Chief modular helmet for motorbikes.

Halo's helmet

Halo’s helmet

Indeed it is a helmet with the appearance of the helmet of Master Chief, the protagonist of the series -and even more in the last edition released- which are already a legend in the world of video games and to which we have much to be grateful for. Although the illustrations are not yet the final ones, NECA has tried to be true to the original models to achieve the greatest reality according to what we know about the games.

Master Chief

Master Chief

Is it a collector edition toy for fans? A priori we might think that it is something like that, but the truth is that we are talking about a certified helmet that you can use with your motorbike without a major drawback, like any other helmet.

Start saving for July, although we do not know the price yet

Because we know that many of you are going to become attached to this little piece of art which, by the way, is a limited edition. NECA has confirmed it will start selling from July and there will be several sizes available (S, M, L, XL), but unfortunately for us it has to determine still an adequate selling price.

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