Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech announces the arrival of a new wireless mouse that redefines the runtimes to new levels especially for the gaming band to which it is addressed. With the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech declares a battery life 8 times higher than other wireless mouses to play games, equivalent to 250 hours of gameplay seamlessly without compromising the performance of the sensor or connection. The G602 goes to position itself at the very top of the mouse family G with an aesthetic that finally takes a step forward in design and ergonomics, enhanced with the addition of a thumb rest which makes it unequivocally not ambidextrous. The number of programmable buttons via software is equal to 11, all equipped with micro notch with a half life estimated at 20 million clicks.

Logitech G602

Logitech G602

The centerpiece of the mouse Delta Zero is the sensor equipped for the first time in a wireless mouse addressed to the gaming world and capable of a surface scan up to 2500 DPI and comes with blue LED lighting. The sensor can be adjusted both in sensitivity in game from 250 to 2500 dpi that in the operating mode which offers up to 250 hours of battery life in the Performance and well 1440 hours in Endurance mode.

With the new flagship Logitech pulls are also two mousepads, the G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad more directed to a use for high resolution DPI settings and the G240 Gaming Mouse Pad Cloth, more flexible and more suited to the low DPI. The availability of all three new products are set out in a generic way for September with prices of 80 € for the G602 and 40 € and 20 € for the two mousepads.

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